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Lose The Cloud, Gain A Family

From the start, ONKÖL has been designed to be different. On the outside, we specifically designed ONKÖL so that it looked like a high end piece of audio equipment, or about as far from medical as you can get. Although our design sessions were a blast, getting the outside design just right took a lot of long hours with mechanical, electrical, and human interface engineers. But the level of innovation on the outside pales in comparison to what we’ve done on the inside.

We’ve spent the last year gathering customer feedback on our first production units, and based upon that, we added new features, deprecated some others and — most importantly — confirmed what intuitively knew to be true: our clients want to own their data.

Unlike other remote monitoring solutions, we at ONKÖL firmly believe that our clients should own their data, not us. Every other solution in our space wants to own all of the data and requires the data to be stored in their own servers before making it available to their customers. In addition to creating a single repository with a large security vulnerability footprint, the regulatory constraints associated with this type of approach makes it a lot harder to make the data available to both family members and medical professionals at the same time.

We specifically architected ONKÖL so that — to the maximum extent possible — data travels directly from the ONKÖL unit to its intended destination. When we send a text showing Mom’s latest blood pressure reading, we send it directly to the recipient’s phone. Not through a gateway. Not through our data servers. Direct. When we send that same information as structured data to her Doctor, we send it *directly* to her EMR. We don’t force the data to go through our servers, nor do we charge extra for the privilege. We can also push the data directly to Population Health Management Systems and Chronic Care Management systems.

This dramatically reduces the risk of a security breach as there is no central repository of data to be hacked. At the same time, it actually makes it easier for family members and medical professionals to see the same medical information as the Doctor doesn’t have to manage access to the data in her EHR system. And when everyone sees the same information, Mom’s care becomes a lot more efficient.

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